I have been meaning to post about this for some time now, but just have never had a chance. A while back I received Certified Expert Penetration Tester(CEPT) from IACRB.

Now I’m not a huge fan of taking tests, but this Cert worked well for me. It started with a normal multiple choice test, basic penetration stuff. If you pass that then they send you the fun. I have to say I never had so much fun taking a test.

Below is qouted from IACRB

  • Challenge #1: Discover and create a working exploit for Microsoft Windows Vulnerability.
  • Challenge #2: Discover and create a working exploit for Linux Vulnerability.
  • Challenge #3: Reverse engineer a Windows Binary.

Once you finish all three challenges you send it in, they review the sploits, and send you the cert.

While this is not a huge name cert yet, I believe it does hold some merit. It shows the person didn’t just memorize a book and can put to practice what they know. I would recommend taking this if anyone is debating it.